Furnishing and Floraling the Balcony

When I moved, I decided to "finish" the balcony first.  I moved in summer, so I wanted to get as much use as possible out of the balcony before the long, ridiculous midwestern winter hit.

The balcony is a good size: 6x11ft.  It faces the south, and the other side of the building.  I love it because its super quiet, get great sun, and because it is on the third floor, is pretty private. 

I already had a 36in round wood table and folding chairs I knew would work out there for this summer.  They are not outdoor furniture, but since I was going to leave the table in the alley anyway when I moved, I figured if it got ruined in the weather, I wasn't really losing anything.  I did want to buy some lounge-y chairs, but moving is expensive.  So I knew they wouldn't be my "forever" chairs.  These $18 chairs from Target fit the bill:
Room Essentials™ Turquoise Stacking Adirondack Chair .Opens in a new window

In person they are much more green:

That's okay.  I like green.

So, for $36 + RCST (Ridiculous Chicago Sales Tax), the balcony was completely furnished and usable for the summer.  Now came the fun part. 


I had been seeing pictures of the Elho pots on Pinterest for a while.  I love them. I think it solves a problem that always has bugged me.  If you do window boxes on the outside of the railing, you can't enjoy them as much from on the balcony.  If you do them inside, you lose the cute curb appeal.  So, just put 'em right on top.  Brilliant. 

The pots were $20ea + RCST at Gethsemane Garden Center.  The flowers were $4.19 per four inch pot, and I got three little pots for each big pot.  Of course, I spray painted the crap out of them in shades of aqua and turquoise.  I am nothing if not predictable.

Filled with white geraniums, they make me so happy. 

Next up, my vertical herb garden.  Yes, it got very green and plantastic on my balcony this summer.

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