Start Spreading the News

Peggy told me I should start updating my blog again.  I agreed.  And then I started deleting old posts, because I'm so sad about leaving my old place.

In May 2015 I relocated to New York City, for my dream job.  It's definitely not my dream city.

At first, I lived in a sublet from Columbia University.  With two boy roommates.  Who were very confused about how to keep a shower clean.  I described it on Facebook as "like Three's Company, with less wacky hijinx and more conversations about mold."  Finding a place of my own became priority number one!

I found an apartment after quite a search, and laid out about half my savings in order to secure it.  By the way, my brokers were Anastasia Novikova and Lorett Vigon from the Vigon Group at CitiHabitats, and they were THE BEST.  They helped me explain some difficult things in my past to my prospective landlord, and as a result I got my second-choice apartment (which I understand is a real "get" here in NYC).

My new place is in the Washington Heights neighborhood.  It is about a 25 commute to work, which is VERY nice compared to my 1 hour plus in Chicago.

I'll be sharing photos, room by room of my new place in coming posts.  Rest assured, I like the place a lot, and look forward to sharing how I transform it to a great new place to be a Contented Renter in!